Building the Next Standard of Infusion Management

Ivenix is a medical device company with a vision to transform the hospital infusion pump market. Ivenix is creating a new infusion management system with a breakthrough design and the potential to expand globally to any care setting.

The Ivenix Infusion Management System

The first and only infusion management system combining simplicity and state of the art information technology with an adaptive fluid delivery platform. Simply intelligent.

The architecture incorporates leading edge technologies proven to be durable, reliable, and intuitive to users in other industries, addressing key fundamental market opportunities and challenges. In a very real way, Ivenix is transforming the infusion system from being “smart” to being truly intelligent

A simple user experience demonstrated by a large, intuitive, “smart phone-like” user interface that is designed to reduce programming and interpretation errors.
A scalable computing platform where data and clinical insight will be always up-to-date bi-directionally, available through the pump, and through apps/dashboards on mobile devices, computers, or the EMR.
An adaptive pump technology that is designed to improve safety
and performance.
At Ivenix, we develop transformative infusion system technologies that are designed to improve patient safety and workflow efficiency. Simply Intelligent.

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